Camp Work Day


"The God of heaven will give us success. We His servants will start rebuilding ..."

~ Nehemiah 2:20

What is Camp Work Day?

We are excited to see the Nehemiah Project continue to gain momentum as churches and families engage their place in helping rebuild the walls of our campus.  The clouds of engagement are building!

Spencer Lake's Camp Work Day continues to grow as groups and families come to work alongside our staff. Different projects are worked on across the campus throughout the day as great fellowship and true selfless servanthood is poured into the campus in order to prepare it for amazing ministry in untold thousands of lives each year.

It is great having people come and genuinely engage the event.  One family had no idea Spencer Lake was open year round and that it had such wonderful facilities.  Others commented that they hope to see the work day become a two or three day event as they saw how many projects there are to tackle on a campus our size and were energized by being a part of a work greater than them.

We are really looking forward to the next Camp Work Day because it is so much more than getting projects done.  It’s giving our church families a chance to share in eternal rewards as they sow time and effort into a place that provides the perfect setting for people to be touched by God in life altering ways.  Fostering a lifestyle that serves in anticipation of lives that will be changed and will ultimately bring blessing to our churches in the end. 





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